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Services Offered

Our goal bring your automobiles back to life. We treat your cars as though they are our own.

Exterior package $135 

Full pre-rinse 

Contact wash with plush microfiber to protect paint 

Windows cleaned and treated with rain repellent ceramic hybrid spray wax

Bug removal from front end/mirrors 

Tires and wheels cleaned 

Car hand dried with microfiber towels 

Wax applied to body, ceramic spray wax to rims, tires dressed 

SUVs $20 additional charge

Interior package $150

Full interior vacuum 

All surfaces shampoed 

Minor Stain removal from carpets/ fabric seats/ leather seats*

Salt removal 

Carpets/ rubber matts/ all surfaces protected/dressed 

Leather protectant applied 

Windows cleaned 

Door jambs cleaned 

Extras (Inquire for price): Pet hair removal/ wood veneer scratch removal/ Deep stain removal 

SUVs $20 additional, Vans/third rows $45 additional

**Condition and degrees of stains may alter pricing

Full package $285

Interior/ exterior package 

SUV’s add $35

Additional Services/ Charges

Pet hair removal – $35-60 

Stain removal ($$-$$$) – Email for estimate 

Wood veneer scratch removal – $40-70

Coming Soon

Paint correction/ Ceramic coating packages/ Scratch repair packages

Note: prices subject to a 5-10% increase for severely neglected vehicles

We are competitively priced as you can see below:
Interior package price (sedan)$180-$240$180$150
Exterior package price (sedan)N/a$240$135
Full package price (sedan)$300$350$285

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— Jane Doe


— Jane Doe